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Nipple Correction in Lansing

Heredity, breast feeding, and natural development can lead to excessive nipple prominence, which can be improved by nipple reduction procedures. Nipple inversion can be treated surgically, but this may risk developing permanent nipple numbness and the inability to breast feed. A non-surgical home use device; the Advent Niplette can correct inverted nipples without these risks. Dr. Colony is here to assist you with this procedure, call today.

Types of Nipple Surgery

Nipple Inversion

Nipple inversion issues often occur during one’s period of growth and development. Other instances where nipple inversion may occur is from scarring due to breast feeding or even previous breast procedures. This type of nipple correction can be done in conjunction with a breast lift and augmentations.

Nipple Enlargement

If you are looking to achieve a more enlarged or erect nipple, this can be done either with the use of cartilage, fat graft or possibly injectable fillers.

Nipple Reduction

If you feel that your nipples are too large or possibly droop at a position that is unsatisfactory, your surgeon may be able to excise the part of the nipple that you would like removed. This can be done under local anesthesia and is recommended to those that are done with or do not plan to breast feed in the future.

Areola Reduction

Areola reductions may be desired by a patient because of a variety of breast conditions and anatomies. Most often this can be experienced in women with very large breasts and breasts that have endured breast feeding. In general, it is recommended to include this procedure with a breast lift or augmentation after bearing children.

Male Nipple Reduction

Male nipple reduction can be done the same way it is done for a female; however, if there is any unwanted volume attributing to the protrusion your doctor may recommend that you have a procedure to address gynecomastia as well.


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