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Rhinoplasty in Lansing

One of the oldest surgical cosmetic procedures in history, rhinoplasty has been around for thousands of years. Though the techniques have certainly evolved over the years, the idea of rhinoplasty has remained the same – to reshape the nose.

Considering Rhinoplasty

The size and shape of your nose has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your face. Large noses create an unbalanced appearance, making other facial features appear smaller. And because the nose is the focal point of the face, a large or misshapen nose can detract from your other features and attributes. If you are unhappy with your nose, chances are it is affecting the way you feel about yourself as a whole. By reshaping your nose through rhinoplasty, your facial features will be more proportioned and well-balanced, dramatically improving your appearance. Rhinoplasty is also used to treat breathing problems that can arise from issues such as a deviated septum.

A Rhinoplasty Surgery in East Lansing

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure offered by East Lansing Cosmetic Surgeons. There are two possible incisions that can be made depending on the type of rhinoplasty to be performed. An open rhinoplasty uses an incision made between the nostrils and inside the nose. Through these incisions, the cartilage and structure of the nose can be reshaped. Many patients experience swelling and bruising that will subside on its own within a few weeks. Though results can be seen almost instantly, the final results of rhinoplasty are usually evident within several months.

Scheduling a Consultation

Michigan Plastic Surgery offers rhinoplasty in East Lansing. Michigan Plastic Surgery is run under the direction of , a board certified plastic surgeon. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation to meet with Dr. Colony and discuss your concerns and explore your options for rhinoplasty in East Lansing.


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