Benefits of a Hydrafacial

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It’s a daily struggle to achieve and maintain a healthy, flawless complexion, and for many who experience naturally dry, sensitive, or blemish-prone skin, it can feel like an impossible task to find the right balance of products to solve their skincare needs.

That’s why professional treatments like HydraFacial are becoming more popular each year: they achieve real, dramatic results many people can’t get on their own. When it comes to gentle, non-invasive procedures, there a

Treats Many Skin Conditions

A HydraFacial treatment is a three-step process that can include the application of potent serums to address whatever specific skin concern you may have. By deeply cleansing, exfoliating, and suctioning away dirt and debris, HydraFacial treatments allow moisturizers and serums to deeply nourish the skin. Through this process, HydraFacial can help treat the following concerns:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Hyperpigmentation (dark spots)
  • Oily, congested skin
  • Large pores
  • Thin, loose skin

Safe for All Skin Types and Tones

Other professional skincare treatments, such as skin-resurfacing lasers and chemical peels, are not effective or even safe to use on certain skin types. Especially for people with sensitive skin, this diminishes the solutions for their cosmetic concerns. HydraFacial’s gentle, non-irritating treatment is a safe alternative to more harsh facials, meaning people of all skin types, from oily to sensitive, can benefit from its results.

No Downtime Required

Another potential downside of other facials is the resulting side effects of treatment. In some cases, the skin is red and highly sensitive for several days following treatment, which forces people to avoid going out in public and can cause discomfort.

HydraFacial uses no harsh chemicals and doesn’t strip away layers of skin whether through dermabrasion or laser resurfacing, which means there’s no downtime or side effects. This has the added benefit of making the procedure extremely comfortable, another bonus for people with sensitive skin. And since patients are allowed to wear makeup the same day of treatment, there’s no stopping them from getting right back to their normal routine.

Immediate, Repeatable Results

HydraFacial’s benefits are instant, which allows people to compare nearly side-by-side how their skin looked before and after treatment. Not only does this mean you’ll be glowing and healthy-looking right away if there’s an important event coming up, it also means you enjoy the benefits without dealing with temporary changes in your appearance.

Patients come back time after time for HydraFacials because they always know what to expect. The process is consistent as it relies on HydraFacial’s proprietary formulas and technology, and as patients receive HydraFacials on a regular basis, their benefits become longer-lasting, meaning they don’t need to come back as often to maintain their luminous skin.

HydraFacial in East Lansing, MI

If you’re interested in what your skin could look like after one or many HydraFacial treatments, you’re not alone. At Michigan Plastic Surgery™, we routinely offer HydraFacial MD procedures to many people in East Lansing and the surrounding communities. Learn more about this revolutionary non-invasive treatment by scheduling a consultation with us. Start the process by giving our office a call or contacting us online today

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