Buttock Fat Grafting

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Fat-grafting surgery is used to remove a patient’s own fat to re-implant it where needed. It is typically extracted from areas such as the abdomen, flanks, or thighs and is re-injected into another area that requires plumping. For example, with buttock augmentation with fat grafting, the fat is taken from one area and injected into the buttocks. The procedure is usually used in place of traditional buttock implants. It’s often called a Brazilian butt lift or Brazilian buttock augmentation.

Beyond buttock augmentation, fat grafting is also used to move fat into a patient’s breasts or facial features.

What to Expect After Buttock Fat Grafting

The transferred fat will then re-vascularize and survive in the new location that needs plumping. This autologous fat transfer process will be repeated until the desired correction has been achieved and may be combined with other surgical procedures like skin excision for enhanced results.

What to Know After Buttock Fat Grafting

There are limitations to how much fat can safely be injected into a part of the body during the fat grafting procedure. There are limits because we don’t want to jeopardize the blood supply or risk a patient’s safety.

You should also be aware that during fat transfer buttock augmentation, only 50-70% of the fat taken from one area of the body and injected into the buttocks will survive. Depending on the patient’s desired results, multiple liposuction and fat grafting treatments may need to be done. 

There are also several steps patients should take to aid in their recovery. A compression garment approved by Dr. Colony should be worn for several weeks after surgery to reduce swelling and bruising. Additionally, to ensure the best results, massaging the treated areas beginning two weeks after surgery is highly recommended.

Patients should also avoid any restrictive clothing. Anything with a tight band or buckles could make a permanent dent in the liposuction area.

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I am beyond thrilled with my choice of a plastic surgeon. Dr. Colony is not only incredibly smart and he's got the bedside manner going for him which is quite hard to find in surgeons. I have not only recommended Colony to many friends, but I've actually realized a couple of friends had gone to him before without me realizing.

Dr. Colony and his staff are amazing. I have called at least 7 times with questions for them (I am getting surgery in May) and they have been so patient, informative, and kind to me. The best part is that they take health and safety very seriously. They care about the patient and care about the work they do and it shows. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in plastic surgery.

Dr. Colony was so kind to me when I asked him all my questions about wanting surgery. He did not rush and made me feel like I mattered. He is very knowledgeable. I can hardly wait to get my surgery done by him!

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If you are considering buttock fat grafting treatment in East Lansing, Dr. Colony is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Lansing with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Colony knows that no two patients have the same fat removal needs, so he dedicates his practice to individualizing treatments and procedures that can help his patients best achieve their aesthetic desires.

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