At Michigan Plastic Surgery™, we’re committed to providing the most comprehensive aesthetic services, from invasive surgeries to medical-grade facials. Our non-invasive treatments are often a great solution for people who want a little bit of a lift or extra volume in a specific area of the face, which is why we offer many different injectable filler formulas to ensure that result is flawless and effective as possible.

Dermal Fillers in East Lansing

Restylane® dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid-based injectable gels that provide volume and lift by attracting water molecules to the area of injection. This allows for natural wrinkle reduction by adding support and volume to areas that have deep folds and wrinkles. Commonly used around the cheeks, mouth, and lips, Restylane® is a safe, long-lasting way to correct wrinkles and volume loss.

Restylane® comes in different formulas for treating different areas and concerns. At Michigan Plastic Surgery™, we offer both Restylane® Lyft and Restylane® Refyne.

Restylane® Lyft in East Lansing

Some of the main areas that begin to lose youthful volume over time are the cheeks. As collagen and elastin wane, tissues become loose and sag down the face, creating the appearance of hollow cheeks and an aged contour. Restylane® Lyft is designed to do just that: lift the appearance by adding volume in the cheek and midface region.

Not only the face but also the hands can be treated with this hyaluronic acid formula. The hands are also a key indicator of age, becoming thin, and losing volume with time. Restylane® Lyft is the first and only dermal filler that is FDA-approved for use in both the face and hands.

Restylane® Refyne in East Lansing

The latest development in Restylane®’s line of fillers is its patented XpresHAn technology. This advanced, cross-linked molecular formula is specifically designed to be completely natural-looking, even when making facial movements and expressions. Powered by this technology, Restylane® Refyne is FDA-approved to be injected around the mouth to correct nasolabial folds and marionette lines. This formula supports the skin and continues providing wrinkle reduction when frowning, smiling, or even puckering up.

Patient Testimonials

Recently had filler and botox done by Dr. Colony and I can’t say enough about how good it looks. I’ve gone a few other places in town and feel like he is by far the best!

Recently had my lips injected and they look fantastic. The staff was so nice and Dr. Colony really made me feel at ease.

Dr. Colony did AMAZING work!!!! I could NOT be happier with my results. I am 6wks post op breast augmentation and I am completely 150% satisfied. I spent 2hrs asking questions in my consultation. He answered every single one of them. The procedure went perfectly and great CRNA and staffing. Great pre/post-op packet given before surgery. Am sooooo pleased with my results!! Couldn't be happier!! Would recommend to everyone, tell everyone about Dr. Colony!!

Restylane® in East Lansing, MI

Restylane®’s unique formulas allow our expert providers to perfectly tailor an injectable treatment plan for your unique facial anatomy and specific goals. With the right technique and product, Restylane® can help you achieve a more youthful appearance with no downtime or incisions. Find out if Restylane® is right for you during a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Colony by calling our office or contacting us online today.

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