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Breast Asymmetry in Lansing

For most young women going through puberty, asymmetrical breasts are quite common as their bodies grow and develop. For many, the problem corrects itself with time and their fully developed breasts grow to become symmetrical with the same size and volume. Still, for many others, asymmetrical breasts remain a problem even after puberty. For some, the problem is rather minimal and for others the size of each breast can vary greatly.

Breast Lifts, Reductions, and Augmentations

Asymmetrical breasts are not uncommon and can be the source of embarrassment and low self-esteem. However, the problem can be corrected through surgical cosmetic procedures that include combinations of breast lift, reduction, and augmentation. The best long term results involve procedures that match breast volume, position, and contour, and implant size. Either silicone or saline implants can be used, both implants have their own benefits, and the choice between the two ultimately boils down to patient preference.

Recovery in East Lansing

Recovery following surgery to correct breast asymmetry varies depending on the type of procedure required. After a procedure in East Lansing, most women should expect to take a week off of work or other regular activity. Strenuous activity should be avoided the first two weeks and all post-operative directions should be followed carefully. Swelling and pain is not uncommon following surgery, and ice packs and the use of painkillers as directed will help to manage any discomfort.

Scheduling a Consultation

If you are troubled by the appearance of your breasts and would like more information on procedures to correct breast asymmetry in East Lansing, contact Michigan Plastic Surgery. By scheduling a complimentary consultation at with a board certified plastic surgeon , you will be able to address your specific concerns and explore your options for correction of breast asymmetry. Dr. Colony serves patients from all over including areas like Grand Ledge, Brighten, and Okemos.

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