Does Plastic Surgery Have an Age Limit?

Dr. Lee Colony  In: Plastic Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery, and all aspects of life, age is just a number. The choice to get plastic surgery, no matter your age, is your decision and not one determined by age. It is important to speak with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine your ability to receive surgery. These are a few things to think about as you consider whether to receive plastic surgery.

Health vs. Age

Your overall health matters more than your age since each person ages differently based on genetics and lifestyle habits. Before your surgery, you should talk to an experienced plastic surgeon about your health history and desired goals.

Surgical Complications

A common concern for patients aged 65 and older is the increased risk of surgical complications. Every surgery has a small complication rate, but you might be relieved to learn that the risk may not be significantly greater for patients 80 years and older than younger patients, according to one study.

Realistic Expectations

Although plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures can reduce the appearance of aging, they, unfortunately, cannot stop the aging process. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity so if you have a facelift at the age of 80, your skin will not be able to snap back the same way as if you had a facelift at 40-50 years old. However, you can still achieve beautiful results. Having realistic expectations leads to greater satisfaction after your surgery.

Non-Surgical Options

If surgery is not an option, you can still achieve improvement with a variety of non-surgical options such as injectables, skin treatments, and body sculpting technology like CoolSculpting. Most of these treatments take less than an hour and offer results with much less risk of complications than surgical procedures.

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