Get a Younger Face with FaceTite™

Dr. Lee Colony  In: FaceTite

Hey East Lansing! Say hello to the newest advancement in facial contouring and refinement- FaceTite™! For patients who wish to improve skin laxity on the face and neck without scarring and a long recovery period, this treatment may be for you. Learn more about this new procedure below!

The FaceTite™ Treatment

FaceTite™ by InMode is an alternative to invasive treatments such as a facelift, to improve loose skin on the neck and face. It uses radiofrequency energy to melt away fat and tighten the skin. Any area of the face and neck with saggy skin can be treated, which includes a double chin and jowl lines.

The treatment is done under local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or light sedation. After the procedure, patients can soon return to their everyday routines! This option is great for those with a busy lifestyle who do not want to miss work for a long period of time.


Because FaceTite™ is a minimally-invasive treatment, there is no scarring involved! Patients can also benefit from minimal downtime after the procedure, with only mild swelling and bruising. Following the procedure, patients will simply need to wear a compression garment to ensure results. Full results can be seen after 6-12 weeks.

If you are interested in turning back the hands of time without surgery, contact Michigan Plastic Surgery™ today! We would be happy to help you take your first step towards a younger-looking you by setting up your consultation.

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