Is a Fat-Freezing Procedure For You?

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We all know the fanatical fitness buff who eats healthy, works out like a warrior, and always get to bed at a decent hour. Yet despite all the hard work and careful planning, the desired body isn’t always attainable. The culprit is our fat cells. We are born with a fixed number of fat cells that shrink or grow as we gain or lose weight. Sometimes these fat cells are stagnant. This is why some fat deposits appear immune to our good, healthy habits. Still, all hope is not lost. These cells can be removed from the body under the right conditions.

Enter Fat Freezing

Technology has produced a new and effective method for body contouring. Medical scientists have discovered that fat cells freeze before muscle or skin cells do. Developing suction paddles that cool and crystallized fat cells, they created a procedure that kills fat cells with freezing technology. Only then can the fat cells be expelled from the body through natural processes.

Is It Safe and Does It Work?

Being a non-invasive measure, fat-freezing is largely safe, though getting screened by a physician ahead of time is always advisable. It is not intended to correct severe obesity but focuses on limited areas where fat deposits are stubborn. Such areas include hips, buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. Best results come to those who are committed to a healthy lifestyle. In short, fat-freezing works in places with pinchable fat.

Will Fat-Freezing Be Painful?

This procedure is well-tolerated by patients. Often, most patients sit and read or nap while undergoing the treatment. The machine that generates the suction has a paddle attachment that fits to the area in question. Patients might feel pinching, squeezing, and some pressure. The panels within the attachment then cool to just the right temperature for cryogenic lipolysis. Whiled it feels cold for a brief time, numbness quickly sets in. The amount of time that the paddles remain on the skin depends on the targeted area.

Is This Procedure Expensive?

More often than not, cryogenic lipolysis is considered a cosmetic procedure, therefore not subject to insurance coverage. If you have any questions about payment and financing our patient care coordinator can address these.

If you are ready to get a slim, toned body then talk to Dr. Colony at Michigan Plastic Surgery™. He will examine your body, skin, and fat deposits to make sure that this a good procedure for you.

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