Is a Tummy Tuck Right for You?

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Would you like a flatter tummy, but find it incredibly difficult to achieve the look you want with exercise and dieting? You aren’t alone. Whether caused by aging, pregnancy, genetics, or drastic weight loss, your abdominal area might be burdened with excess fat and skin that deters your body contour.

Fortunately, modern medical technology makes it easier than ever for interested candidates to get rid of this stubborn fat and skin in the abdominal area through tummy tucks. A tummy tuck is a surgical intervention that seeks to eliminate excess abdominal fat and skin. So now the question is, are you the right candidate for a tummy tuck?

Am I a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Good candidates for tummy tucks are generally in good health. They should also be at least within 20% of their ideal body weight to maintain the most naturally beautiful results.

The main goal of the procedure is to reduce excess skin and body fat in the abdominal area. Therefore, candidates usually have a certain degree of loose muscles, excess skin, and excess fat that cannot be burned even after working out and improving diet. Many older individuals struggle with lost skin elasticity that comes with old age, which makes them excellent candidates for tummy tuck procedures.

During your initial consultations, Dr. Lee Colony will examine your abdomen to see if your conditions are right for a tummy tuck. You might also want to have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure. Dr. Colony will walk you through these expected results.

Who Shouldn’t Consider a Tummy Tuck?

Pregnancy will almost definitely have a negative impact on tummy tuck results. If you are planning to get pregnant in the future, you might want to hold back these plans until you are done having children. In addition, if you haven’t achieved your ideal weight, work on achieving it first before going under the scalpel.

What to Expect During Surgery

A tummy tuck surgery is an invasive procedure that takes about two hours to complete under general anesthesia. Dr. Colony will extract excess fat, tighten abdominal muscles, and trim off excess skin. While each procedure and patient are different, the surgery should transform your abdominal areas into a flatter and smoother surface. Recovery periods will differ, but generally, most patients can resume normal duties in about two weeks.

How Safe Are Tummy Tucks?

Similar to other invasive procedures, tummy tucks carry some degree of risk. Risks include complications during surgery, infections, scarring, and bleeding. However, if carried out by a qualified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Colony, the procedure should be totally safe.Are the results permanent? Tummy tuck procedures are designed to yield long-lasting results as long as you maintain the results by avoiding drastic weight gain and loss.

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