What is Laser Hair Removal?

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Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses a concentrated beam of laser light to get rid of unwanted hair. During the procedure, the laser will emit the light which has been absorbed by the pigment in the hair. The light energy gets converted into heat and it will damage the hair follicle, thereby eliminating the hair. The damage delays or inhibits the future growth of hair.

Although laser hair removal can stop hair growth, several sessions are required. Laser hair removal will work better for people who have dark hair and light skin.

Why it is being done

Patients choose laser hair removal treatment when they want a more permanent solution to getting rid of unwanted body hair. The most common treated areas are the bikini line, chin, upper lip, underarms, and legs. However, it can be used to treat virtually any part of the body that grows hair.

Your skin type and hair color will influence how successful the laser hair removal will be. The technique targets the pigment in the hair, but not the skin pigment. The laser will damage the hair follicles only and it will avoid any damage on the skin.

The treatment is not effective for people who have white, blond, red or gray hair since there is not enough pigment present in the hair to absorb the light.

How to prepare yourself for the treatment

If you are interested in the laser hair removal, you should choose a surgeon who is a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in laser hair removal. Before undergoing the procedure, we will schedule a consultation to evaluate you and to see if this is the right treatment for you or not.

To learn more about laser hair removal and determine if you are a candidate for treatment, contact our office and schedule your consultation at Michigan Plastic Surgery™.

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