5 Reasons to Have a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Amber Rose– what do these celebrities have in common? A killer figure accentuated by an impressive butt! The good news is that you don’t have to be an icon to get a Hollywood-worthy butt. If you’re at your ideal weight, but diet and exercise aren’t achieving the celebrity-worthy butt you’re hoping for, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is one of the best ways to boost your figure and your confidence. Here’s what to know about it and how it can help.

It’s a Quick Procedure

When it comes to buttock implant surgery, you can expect a lot of cutting and stitching. The BBL procedure, in comparison, is quick and much less invasive. It involves removing healthy fat from another area of your body, purifying it, placing it into syringes, and injecting it into the butt. Depending on the technique used and the amount of fat you have, the procedure can take two to four hours to perform. You’ll have drastically less downtime, too.

Natural-Looking Results

Perhaps the greatest appeal about this procedure is that it involves solely natural material– your fat. Unlike other augmentation procedures that involve using artificial implants, this procedure involves the transfer of real fat from other areas to the butt. Since it’s your own fat that’s injected to your butt, it can provide more natural-looking results– both in look and feel.

Less Scarring

Although you can expect to have some scars, the BBL results in less scarring compared to other surgical procedures. That’s because there’s no need for incisions to place implants, and the liposuction procedure involved uses far smaller incisions for fat removal with a cannula and surgical vacuum. If you have concerns about visible scarring after your procedure, Dr. Colony can recommend treatments to use during your recovery.

Long-Lasting Results

The fear of bad results is one of the reasons why people steer clear of cosmetic procedures. Additionally, it’s natural to want to get your money’s worth from your procedure when it comes to longevity. Fortunately, the BBL comes with long-lasting results because it uses your own natural tissue and doesn’t require you to replace implants. This makes it a great investment for your long-term confidence.

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