How Botox Has Changed Kelly Ripa’s Life

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Countless female celebrities receive regular Botox treatments as a part of their beauty routines. Talk show host Kelly Ripa, age 45, is not an exception. Smooth, youthful-looking skin is a primary aspect of beauty in Hollywood, and when asked by Andy Cohen what her favorite beauty products are, she named Botox as her primary treatment.

“Botox,” she told Cohen. “That’s pretty much it.”

In the past, spending an excessive amount of time in hair and makeup for her job was an everyday occurrence. Ripa explained that since she started getting Botox treatments, her beauty routine has been a much quicker process.

“It’s cut my getting ready time in half,” she said. “Botox changed my life.”

So, is Ripa’s philosophy “more is better?” Not exactly. Ripa also revealed that she believes moderation is key with Botox.

“The key to everything is knowing what you look like and being a minimalist,” she said. “Your cheeks are not supposed to block out your eyes when you smile!”

With a professional board-certified plastic surgeons help, Botox treatments are highly customizable to a patient’s desired goals, providing only natural-looking results.

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