The History of Resting Bitch Face

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resting bitch face

Although people are using the newly popular term, resting bitch face, or RBF to describe when a person’s neutral facial expression looks unhappy or unwelcoming, this trend has actually been around for a long time; the difference being that no one had a term for it.

The term “resting bitch face,” originated in 2013 in an internet comedy video uploaded by the comedy group, Broken People. Since then, the media has clutched onto the term, referring to many female celebrities suffering from this issue.

The concept of someone’s natural expression being one of unhappiness is nothing new. This concept has been studied by psychologists, who have pointed out a portrait of Louis XIV, in which he wore his signature unhappy pout. Other known figures to possess an unhappy look are Charles Darwin, Edgar Allen Poe, and Queen Victoria.

So, what can one do to remedy their RBF?  Age and gravity are culprits in drooping skin around the mouth, causing an unhappy appearance. Since the mouth shows a lot of expressions, this explains the cause of RBF. Fillers and Botox are known to help with this.

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