Laser Hair Removal: Start Now and Be Smooth by Spring!

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Cold weather is here, meaning you’re probably more focused on sweaters than shorts. However, the fall and winter seasons are actually the best time for laser hair removal. If you have been considering this option, now is the perfect time to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal to enjoy smooth skin for next year’s spring and summer seasons.

Why Fall and Winter are Best for Laser Hair Removal

There are two primary reasons why the fall and winter seasons are best for laser hair removal. First, the treatment results in some photosensitivity through the recovery period. This means that you will need to avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible to prevent complications. This is much easier to achieve through the fall and winter seasons, when you are more likely to be indoors and wearing long pants and sleeves regardless.

The second reason to schedule laser hair removal for the fall and winter is that final results are not seen for a few months after your first session. Laser hair removal sessions at Michigan Plastic Surgery™ are typically scheduled 4-6 weeks apart, and most patients require about 6 or more treatment sessions to see their best results. This is because you must target the hairs at a specific stage in their growth cycle, which will vary for individual hairs within the treatment area. Plan for at least three months of treatment before your final results.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal involves directing highly concentrated light to the hair follicles. This damages the hair follicles as the pigment within the hair absorbs the laser energy. Because some hair must be present to complete laser hair removal, it is not recommended that you wax prior to laser hair removal. It is also best if patients have darker hair and a lighter skin tone so that the skin is not damaged during the process.

What Areas Can I Treat with Laser Hair Removal?

Many areas can be treated with laser hair removal. The legs, underarms, or bikini area are the most common. However, laser hair removal can also be used to remove hair from the face (including the upper lip or chin), arms, back, or chest. Pricing will vary depending on the area you treat, as larger treatment areas require a longer treatment time. A full pricing menu is available on our site.

Recovery and Results After Laser Hair Removal

No downtime is required after laser hair removal. However, you will notice redness and sensitivity in the treatment area after your treatment, which most describe as similar to a sunburn. These side effects should subside within a few days. As the area heals, be sure to keep it clean and well-moisturized. Once all of your treatment sessions are complete, you will notice smooth, hair-free skin. This should last long-term, though some touch-up treatments may be required over time.

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