Staple Skincare Products For Anti-Aging

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Whether you’re looking to reverse or prevent the signs of aging on your face and neck, you likely have a few “anti-aging” products in your bathroom to help you tighten, brighten, and protect your skin. But with the vastness of the skincare landscape becoming increasingly difficult to sort through and pick products that contain potent, active ingredients, how do you know whether what you have worked or if it’s just clever advertising?

The skincare experts at Michigan Plastic Surgery™ are here to help with our prescription-strength cleansers, toners, serums, and creams with proven ingredients and satisfying results. These are the ingredients we look for when recommending high-quality products to our patients.


If you’ve been involved with skincare products for a while, you’ve probably heard of the essential ingredient to any anti-aging routine: retinol. Retinol is part of a class of compounds (also called retinoids) that are derived from Vitamin A. These can be found in products like Dr. Lee Colony’s personal formulation of Colony MD Retinols.

Retinol helps the skin primarily by encouraging new cell turnover, creating new, healthy skin cells more often for a brighter complexion. Retinol is also a gentle exfoliator, reaching deep into pores to help prevent the formation of blackheads or blemishes when used regularly.

Vitamin C

Known not only for its use at the onset of a cold, Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that’s vital for a good anti-aging skincare routine. Antioxidants are any compound that neutralizes free radicals, which are atoms present all around us that damage skin cells’ DNA and cause signs of aging over time. Incorporating a high-quality Vitamin C product into your routine, like Colony MD Antioxidant C Complex, ensures you have protection not just from the sun’s UV rays with sunscreen, but also environmental stressors. Vitamin C can slowly improve the skin’s texture and help regulate oil production in people who struggle with blemishes when used regularly.


Last but certainly not least, if you’re not using sunscreen in the morning (and throughout the day if necessary), this is the number one thing to start. The largest cause of premature signs of aging is unprotected sun exposure. Harmful UV rays are all around you, even on a cloudy day, so protecting the delicate skin of your face with a quality SPF product like Dr. Colony’s Colony MD Shade is essential to an anti-aging skincare routine.

Anti-Aging Skincare in East Lansing

If you want some guidance navigating the intentionally confusing world of anti-aging skincare products, Dr. Colony is here to help. Whatever your concerns maybe, he can find a formula or prescription-strength product that’s right for you. Start a conversation with our team by calling our East Lansing office at 517-333-4960 or contacting us online today.

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