What Is The Difference Between Microdermabrasion and Micropeels?

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If you’re looking for a medical-grade treatment that can help you achieve healthy, glowing skin, you may have come across these two options: microdermabrasion and micropeel. While both procedures aim to give people a fresh start with their skincare, they utilize different tools and techniques that can make one procedure better than the other for certain concerns.

What is a Microdermabrasion Facial?

Microdermabrasion uses microparticles to buff away imperfections of the outermost layer of skin. Special device blasts out these particles and gently suctions away dead skin cells and debris, leaving a fresh, new layer of skin. This can aid in the reduction of acne, scarring, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. Microdermabrasion treatments are painless and take about 45 minutes to perform, and can be combined with other complimentary facial treatments when desired. After treatment, there may be some redness that will fade fairly quickly. For the best results, many patients opt for multiple treatment sessions with microdermabrasion facials spaced a few weeks apart.

What is a Micropeel Facial?

Micropeels are a type of chemical peel that uses gentle acids to remove a few layers of skin to provide a rejuvenated appearance. Peels can be light, medium, or deep depending on the amount of change desired and the type of damage being corrected. Micropeels are effective at helping skin look smoother, brighter, and younger, and can also treat acne, scarring, and sun damage, as well as help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The micropeel process takes about 45 minutes and results in light redness for the deeper procedures, but otherwise very little to no downtime. For the best results, many patients will schedule regular micropeel treatments every 4 to 6 weeks or so to maintain their youthful appearance.

Which Procedure is Better?

Both microdermabrasions and micropeels in Lansing, MI are effective at treating both specific skin concerns and general appearance enhancement. Dr. Colony’s certified aestheticians are well-trained in these procedures, allowing for safe treatments with optimal results.

If you’re looking for a non-surgical way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, a micropeel is the preferred treatment, because microdermabrasion treats skin superficially, and a micropeel can go deeper.

However, in other regards, the two procedures are similar and complementary, and having both performed can help people get a truly refined appearance with the dual benefits of both treatments.

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