Versatile Facial Rejuvenation With Morpheus8

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Morpheus8 is the latest radiofrequency facial treatment to combine the benefits of microneedling and fractional energy distribution to shape subdermal tissue and stimulate collagen production. With programmable penetration depths, multiple handpiece tips, and fine-tuned delivery of radiofrequency energy, Morpheus8 is a highly versatile tool that can help nearly anyone achieves a clearer, smoother, and firmer complexion without the need for surgery.

How Does Morpheus8 Work?

Morpheus8 takes the benefits of microneedling and amplifies them with additional tissue heating with radiofrequency energy. The microneedles penetrate up to four millimeters in the skin to coagulate fat and contract connective tissue while simultaneously generating heat that stimulates the dermis, encouraging the production of collagen in the long term.

Different depths are used considering the area of the face or neck being treated as well as the desired results. By creating these tiny wounds, the body’s healing response ramps up collagen production, providing long-term benefits up to three months beyond the treatment.

The Different Morpheus8 Tips

To accommodate all possible cases, Morpheus8 has removable tips that allow Dr. Colony to customize a Morpheus8 facial to the exact needs of patients. These tips allow for safe and precise treatment even in sensitive or bony areas, and for all skin types.

Morpheus8 Tips

Standard Morpheus8 tips include 24 microneedle pins that are partially coated to allow the radiofrequency energy to emerge only at the tip, which will be the deepest point in the skin. These tips allow up to four mm of penetration with an additional two mm of tissue heating ability. They are designed to cause no damage or change to the surface of the skin, making it safe for all skin colors and types. 

Resurfacing Tips

Morpheus8 Resurfacing tips are the only ones not recommended for darker skin types, as it focuses not on dermal regeneration but radiofrequency skin resurfacing. This tip is different as its 24 pins are blunt and uncoated, and it can be used to improve pigmented areas of skin and sun damage, not for deeper wrinkles.

Morpheus8 Prime Tips

To handle small, delicate areas or places with sharp contours, the Morpheus8 Prime tip can be used. This smaller, nimbler tip has only 12 pins but is otherwise comparable to the standard Morpheus8 tips. It is often used to target sensitive areas like around the eyes, the upper lip, and the forehead when needed.

Morpheus8 Results

Many patients see results almost immediately following a Morpheus8 treatment session, although the goal is for gradual improvement over the course of several weeks. Many people benefit from a treatment plan of multiple sessions, while some achieve their desired results from just one.

Morpheus8 is used to enhance the appearance of the signs of aging, both due to sun damage and age, including wrinkles, texture, and skin laxity. It can also benefit those who suffer from acne scars.

Morpheus8 in Lansing, MI

We’re truly excited and proud to offer Morpheus8 for people looking for facial or neck rejuvenation in and around Lansing. This dual approach to skin tightening has achieved great results for patients of all ages and all types of skincare concerns. To learn more about Morpheus8 and whether you’re a good candidate for this procedure, get in touch with us by calling our office at 517-333-4960 or contacting us via our online form today!

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